Patient Chart Transcription Services

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Patient Chart Transcription Services

We at Pert Transcription have been delivering high-quality patient chart transcription services to many, prestigious clinics and hospital from around the United States. In addition to being one of the oldest transcription service providers in North America, we have been able to make our patient chart transcription services an outstanding one by offering high-quality reports, low pricing, and a 12-24 hour delivery timeframe.

You get an unbeatable price advantage with Pert Transcription compared to other local US transcription companies as our prices are almost 40% lesser.

Why our clients love us?
  • HIPAA-compliant medical transcription services
  • 24-hour standard turnaround time
  • Flexible and STAT options also available
  • 3 step quality checks
  • Highly Experienced and top quality transcriptionists
  • Pert multi-specialty Patient Chart Transcription services
    Pert Transcription is in the Patient Chart Transcription services industry for more than 20 years and catered to many global healthcare organizations for their varying transcription needs.
    Pert multi-specialty coding services

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