What is Medical Billing and Coding

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What is Medical Billing and Coding

To professionals of health industry, it is more like bliss to be helped by expert medical transcriptionists. These professionals edit doctor dictated reports and procedures to create files that represent treatment history for patients. They transcribe the oral dictations to produce printed as well as electronic reports after receiving the dictations from the health practitioners.

Such medical transcription services are very helpful to doctors, medical students and other health service providers as it reduces the burden of report making.

At Pert, we serve medical service providers and clinics in handling their financial needs. With advanced tools and technologies, our professionals are dedicated to improve their business.

It is when you outsource the medical billing to us that your cash flow improves and you need to pay higher salaries to the employees handing such needs for you.

Other Benefits of Teaming Up With Us

We maintain highest level of accuracy in medical billing and coding so that you can easily get insurance payment. We ensure that your payment is received faster as we are experienced to do the job for you.

Our Services include:

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