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Medical Data Processing and Analysis

Data Processing and analysis

With time and growth, companies grow in their data in multiple disciplines. It’s a “required” thing for every business, but such documentation and statistical data needs to be skilfully organized, to make it more meaningful and more importantly “reusable” when needed. Just like a disoriented wardrobe may have everything “in” but nothing you can find to wear! Disorganized data leads to a chaotic and unbalanced environment, where you do possess the information, but you can analyse and find the right report out it.

With this aim at hand, we at Pert provide you the Medical Data processing & analysis services Data processing, organizing and analytic reporting of your documents and other data in hand. This empowers you to be organized, be fluent and be competent in your daily business tasks, without a need to hire high-level administrators or setup departments for the same, cutting down substantial operational costs.

For physician offices which do not use the services of dedicated transcription departments, we are always eager and willing to help with introductory administrative tasks like assistance in setting up the dictation process and managing of records for the physicians and maintaining patients’ case histories and other medical data through our dedicated secure servers and related infrastructure.
Boosting Efficiency

Following a global downpour of economy past some years, businesses and practices around the world have started paying close attention to cutting down “ownership” costs as well has “overhead” costs. Today’s motto of being successful is to reduce your expenditures, keep them in tight control, while not degrading the quality and turnaround time. That said, while your front-office staff helps you generate revenue, increase sales, and imply marketing and branding strategies, you can have your back-office documentation and co-ordination tasks to us, so that your administrative and higher-value staff can fully focus on core activities amid operational tasks, expansion and development of your practice.
As you evaluate your choices and decisions in outsourcing different components of your operations, you will need to consider the advantages of outsourcing Medical Data processing & analysis services. When done for the right reasons, outsourcing Medical Data processing & analysis services will actually help your company grow and save money. There are other advantages of outsourcing that go beyond money. Here are the top seven advantages of outsourcing.

Focus On Your Core Activities, enhance your Core  Competency!

Every business practice has a period of “rapid growth”, and many companies compensate the additional workload with haywire hiring of employees and supportive infrastructure. Such un-planned expansion asks a plentiful investment, plus a substantial recurring maintenance cost.  This expansion starts consuming human, financial and administrative resources, deviating core developmental activities towards further growth. Outsourcing those activities will allow refocusing on those business activities that are important without sacrificing quality or service in the back-office.

Cost And Efficiency Savings

Outsourcing Back-office functions that are complex in nature, will allow current size of your company to perform tasks at a consistent and reasonable cost. Like a small doctor's office that wants to accept a variety of insurances, one or two office managers, with other important tasks at hand, can’t keep up with all the different provider’s rules and codes. Outsourcing Medical Data processing & analysis services to a firm specializing in medical billing allows you to have the big corporate things incorporated, without really investing or owning the arrangement. This will also save premiums like owning expensive office space and employee benefits.

Operational Control

Operations whose costs are running out of control must be considered for outsourcing. Departments that may have evolved over time into uncontrolled and poorly managed areas are prime motivators for outsourcing. In addition, an outsourcing company can bring better management skills to your company than what would otherwise be available.

Staffing Flexibility

Outsourcing will allow operations that have seasonal or cyclical demands to bring in additional resources just when you “need them” and “release them” when you're done.

Risk Management and Continuity

Survive a “Low Tide”

Admit this! No business has only the “good times”, business and practices can suffer a hit anytime, any day. Periods of high employee turnover will add uncertainty and inconsistency to the operations. Wonder what you would do with the humongous workforce, technology infrastructure and setup costs you have incurred? Recent economic melodrama followed by extensive lay-offs is a good example and learning for everyone.  In such conditions, you’d always think off not having “owned” everything, and have it “rented” instead. Outsourcing is like a “metered service”, whereby you can control the throttle yourself eventually controlling costs at times required. What’s more!!! You can even “Pause” the service, with an ample notice and save the expenditures significantly. You can resume the flow on full throttle the moment you need that acceleration.

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