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medical transcription services in USA


Integrated with EMR/EHR and Back-office operations. medical transcription services

Pert Transcription Solutions, Originally a Medical Transcription Company established in 2002, has eventually evolved into a complete back-office support system for medical practices in the United States. Nonetheless, the decade-old Transcription Services have been improving and rapidly adapting to new standards and developments in the medical industry by providing HIPAA Complaints.

With sharp accuracy and swift turnaround time, we have earned amazing success and confidence in our abilities to deliver value-enhancing services for our treasured clients in the highly precision-oriented and time-sensitive health services sector.

What is Medical Transcription?

Medical Transcription (MT) is a process that involves converting voice-recording dictation or handwritten medical information, such as clinical notes, patient records, and dictated reports, into digital text format. Medical transcription companies work with HIPAA compliance and upload patients' Electronic Health Records (EHR) with transcriptions to improve efficiency by automating clinical workflows.

Medical transcriptionists listen to audio recordings of doctors, nurses, and other health professionals then transcribe the content into formal text reports and upload this information to EHR.

In the past, medical transcription was a manual process, but today, technology-driven systems like speech recognition software and medical transcription software (MTS) have revolutionized the way patient records are documented. These systems help to simplify the process, save time, and improve the overall efficiency of healthcare delivery.

However, despite the advancements in technology, medical transcription still requires human oversight and validation to ensure the accuracy and quality of the transcribed information. This is because medical language is highly specialized and complex, and automated systems may not always capture every detail correctly..

For physician offices which do not use the services of dedicated transcription departments, we are always eager and willing to help with introductory administrative tasks like assistance in setting up the dictation process and managing of records for the physicians and maintaining patients’ case histories and other medical data through our dedicated secure servers and related infrastructure.

Top Key Benefits Using our Transcriptions Services

We assure the highest standards in the quality of work delivered on the strength of a team of quality analysts with an average of 20+ years of Quality Assurance experience. Our transcriptionists are experts in various healthcare domains, ensuring accurate and timely documentation by transcribing several types including physical examination reports, medical history, operative reports, discharge summaries, emergency room reports, medical evaluations, and chart notes.


Compliance and confidentiality

Since the inception, medical transcription services in USA-pert have been mindful of the confidentiality that sensitive information like personal health details commands. Accordingly, strong measures have always been in place to prevent any inadvertent or unwitting relay of such Protected Health Information to any unintended individual or firm. With time this has matured with the advent of HIPAA and subsequent guidelines from the administration and we are rigorous proponents and followers of all such guidelines.
Towards that end, full use of technology to assure digital and physical safety of all applications and programs as well as the hardware and premises has been relied upon. Such an intent and the consequent measures have ensured 100% success with no incident of breach witnessed in the last around 15 years of our operation having processed in excess of 100 million lines. We stay vigilant and proactive towards keeping our processes and infrastructure updated to maintain a favorable track record on this count.

medical transcription services in USA

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