Legal Transcription Services (LPO)

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Legal Transcription Services (LPO)

legal process outsourcing

Pert Solutions offer Legal Transcription Services (LPO) in Canada,usa in a highly cost-effective, quality projecting, secure, technology-enabled and process-efficient Legal Outsourcing Services. We work hard to develop long-term strategic alliances with law firms around the globe to help them shed their documentation and back office work load to us, leaving them focussed their core business responsibilities. The objective is to deliver maximum values through cost savings, enhanced productivity with highest standard of ethical outsourcing services and continuous process improvement utilizing cutting edge modern day technology and communication methods. Legal firms face big challenge in terms of documentation, both in quality and in quantity. We Legal Transcription Services (LPO) in usa can help you drastically cut your workload for the same, enabling you to be more of an administrator and not mothering the clerical work.

As part of our Legal Transcription services in usa, we offer the following types of work:

Court briefs & proceedings transcription

Transcribing audio recordings of court briefs and proceedings by attorneys, police departments, and detectives. These include : Court arguments, Petitions, Pleadings, etc.

Drafting, Review and Proofing

For Attorney reports, Police records, Investigative reports, Defendant/Claimant reports, Business legal reports, Witness summons, etc.

Jury Instruction transcription

There are multiple points throughout and before a trial at which judges provide instructions to the jury. • It is important that these instructions are properly recorded and transcribed for reference by attorneys, court clerks, and investigators. • We provide Jury Transcription Services  for all Civil & Criminal jury instructions.

Arbitrations transcription

Arbitration is used to settle contract disputes, legal issues, and issues related to arguments within businesses. Arbitration is used to determine who is at fault, to negotiate a contract, settle issues determined by the court, and to offer legal advice for the parties involved. • Our Arbitration Transcription Services include: • Binding • Non-binding • Court appointed • Grievance • Independent

Investigation & forensic transcription

Our Investigation Transcriptions Services include: • Police investigation • FBI investigation • Property investigation • Insurance investigation • Scientific investigation • Medical investigation • Our Forensic Transcription Services include: • Carbon dating • Forensic reports • Cyber forensics • Forensic testimonies

Police interview transcription

Police interviews are the foundation of most criminal investigations. • These tapes, both audio and video, represent a significant portion of the evidence presented in a trial or court hearing. • Pert LPO offers comprehensible police interview transcription services to legal and investigative professionals, attorneys, police departments, law colleges, medical examiners, detectives and private investigators.

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